NATi is able to provide a range of services for the aquaculture and particularly ornamental fish industry. Through NATI’s experienced staff and associates, we can provide customised training and consulting solutions for your business.

Consulting Services

  • Aid and development projects
  • Developing and implementing new projects for farming, import/export and commercial holding facilities.
  • Evaluating, improving and trouble shooting of existing projects
  • Capacity development of staff including developing operation manuals and systems, recruitment and training of staff
  • Bioisecurity and fish health management including;
    • Biosecurity and Fish health training workshops
    • Biosecurity assessment of facilities identifying risks at critical control points
    • Screening of fish for OIE listed diseases
    • Import and wholesale of aquarium fish

Training Services

  • Short courses on specific topics and/or skill sets
  • Training can be delivered at Australian Certificate II, III, IV and Diploma level. We can also adapt our training and assessment materials to meet local qualifications for international clients or organise Australian qualifications for international clients
  • Training needs and Gap Analysis and a range of consulting services to develop operations manuals and work procedures for your site and species.
  • Opportunity for incentives and subsidies for traineeships and training in Australia.
  • Training customised to your technology and species organised to suit the work schedules and seasons of your operations.
  • Industry experienced trainers who have undertaken a comprehensive professional development program.
  • All participants are provided with detailed workbooks for future reference.